4 August 2019

Why teak?

Locally known as THEKKA (තේක්ක), teak is a tropical hardwood tree species and is highly valued due to its aesthetic, durability and water resistance. Teak has adorned the residences of high society for centuries. It was the Dutch that brought it to the rest of world from its native countries in the south and south-east East Asia – mainly Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Myanmar.

It is what is hidden beneath…

The main attribute that makes teak so valuable is the unique oil that the tree produces that protects it against the environment. As the tree matures, the oil eventually saturates the entire plant that can protect it from insect infestation and fungus growth causing decay. This robustness has made teak one the most versatile and adored timbers in the world, and with a little substitute, it will remain prized for years to come. So teak furniture is not only appreciated for in its robust utility but has the potential to be a solid investment in the future.

PRIMROSE continues the traditions set by various mid-20th century Scandinavian designers whose legacy have brought teak into a more modern and contemporary era. Our skilled craftsman endeavour to maintain the timber’s exquisite golden brown grain while to PRIMROSE’s minimalistic design philosophy.

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